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TGx-HDACi and TGx-DDI Biomarkers for Classification of Toxicants

This classification tool was developed to analyze gene expression data and assess the probability that test chemicals may cause Histone Deacetylase inhibition (HDACi) and/or DNA damage induction (DDI). The application requires input data that are transformed log2 ratios normalized to solvent controls and saved in a tab delimited text file. Options to use the TGx-HDACi, TGx-DDI, or both classifiers for analysis are provided. The HDACi biomarker was developed using TempO-Seq human whole transcriptome data from TK6 human lymphoblastoid (TK6) cells. Optimal results for classifying HDACi activity are obtained using TempO-Seq human whole transcriptome data from TK6 cells. Data from other RNA-Seq methodologies can be processed, but the results may be less reliable.

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